Vinegar is considered as a core ingredient of Asian dishes. Asian people seemingly are in love with vinegar and they use it in vegetables, salad, sushi rice and slaws. Rice vinegar is made up of fermented rice which has mild and sweet flavour. Some of the European people also have started using vinegar in their food. Unfortunately, if you are in short of vinegar or found not a little bit, nothing much to worry about, there are some substitutes for rice vinegar. It is interesting that all substitutes provide same taste as rice vinegar does.

White Wine Vinegar

White wine vinegar is less sweet than rice vinegar and has an acidic taste. It is made by fermenting wine, thus the process makes both same. Its acidic taste adds yummy flavours to salad and sauces. Apart from crunchy vegetables or salad, you can use it in all of the recipes made up for rice vinegar. As it is less sweet, you may find it slightly different than former but the addition of little sugar would recover your taste. As for the general idea, add one-quarter spoon of sugar in one tablespoon of white vinegar and get the original taste and it will make the best substitute for rice vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also extracted through fermentation process od fresh apples. It has a same mild taste like rice vinegar and a good substitute for rice vinegar because they are same enough in taste. Moreover, it is readily accessible and has the same composition that can be used in any recipe, thus it is considered a good choice for housewives. It is to be noted that it has little taste of apple which made it significant for some recipes like pickles apart from cooked dishes. More sugar can be added if someone does not like the smell or taste but in genuine, it is best among all.

Lemon or Lime Juice

Rice vinegar is known best for its mild and zing taste in salad, sauces and slaws. But if you do not have rice vinegar at hand, you may use lemon or lime juice as one of the best substitutes for rice vinegar for making your taste fulfil. It is because of the acidity of lime juice that can replicate rice vinegar in all dimensions of cooking. The more it fresh, the more taste it will add. You may double the lime juice it still has reservations from instead. Their citrus element would add significant taste to a recipe that rice vinegar cannot do. In order to create diverse taste, lime juice is the best choice.

Champagne Vinegar

This is extracted through a process of fermentation of champagne. It is delicate flavour and has very mild taste thus a good replica of rice vinegar. You can use it as it is in any recipe as it provides a subtle flavour and does not overpower the taste. Its use in seafood dishes produces a matchless taste even beating rice vinegar.

Sherry Vinegar

It is a subcategory of wine vinegar or let’s say it’s another type. It carries a distinct flavour in its composition and very rich, sweet and nutty. It is interesting to be noted that it has some acidity and taste like rice vinegar but its smell makes things tastier. In certain recipes like sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades and it’s 1:1 ratio provides very rich taste.

Seasoned Rice Vinegar

It is slightly different from rice vinegar and made by adding salt and sugar to regular rice vinegar. By adding little changing in your recipes being the expert cook, you can have much more tasty flavour than regular ones. This could be the best choice of a cook when ingredients include salt and sugar both. For every 175 ml of seasoned vinegar, remove 4 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of salt considering its concentration.


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