The brain is one of the most vital organ of the body and as such should be kept healthy at all times. This organ is responsible for our emotions and dreams and all our bodily functions performed by the nervous system. As stated in a recent report from the Alliance for Aging Research, the importance of a healthy brain can not overemphasized – whether to the young or old. This article is aimed at enlightening you on the various neglected but essential actions that when made part of your life style will ensure your brain stays healthy and in the best of shape.


How Brain-Healthy are the Foods you Eat?

There are certain foods that are considered essential for the proper functioning of the brain. These are foods that contain lean proteins and healthy fats such as olive oil and those that are high in fibre. These foods not only boost the body’s energy level but also helps the brain’s effectiveness. Examples of these foods are: salmon, tomatoes, blueberries broccoli, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.


How Regular do you Exercise?

Studies have shown that not only are exercises helpful to the muscles, they also help the brain grow stronger. Just engaging in about 20 minutes of exercises daily gets to do a lot for the brain. This causes the brain to produce certain calming hormones that work to help in the relief of anxiety and stress. This exercises helps in increasing circulation and cognition, thereby preventing the risk of dementia.


How Often do you Relax?

Ensure that you always take your time to relax and unwind. The brain is always working and this makes it essential for you to relax as this will help you relieve your stress and organise your thoughts better. The various effective ways to help achieve this are: Aromatherapy, meditation, exercises like yoga and hobbies and task you love to do.


How Mentally Active are you?

This involves keeping your mind active, like reading as much as you can or getting involved in any learning activity – always. This stimuli helps to maintain the cognitive level of the brain. Make it a habit to learn something mew always, be it a skill, a language – anything new. Avoid the TV as much as you can except when it is time for educative programs.


How Well do you Sleep?

This functions similar to relaxing. It helps you relieve stress and think clearer. Medical experts have suggested that at least eight hours should be dedicated to getting enough sleep daily. When we deprive ourselves of it the bran will be easy. The brain finds it difficult to function when it’s tired. To ensure that you have a good night sleep, get low on your alcohol and caffeine intake and avoid eating late dinner.


Nutritional Supplements and Their Importance in Brain Health

Nutritional supplements that have proven to be effective for the health of the brain include: Vitamin B12, Gingko Biloba (Chinese herbal medicine), Coenzyme Q10 and Omega 3 fish oil. These supplements help in preventing brain shrinkage and improve the memory and also improve blood circulation. Some of them act as oxidants, fighting against harmful free radicals. They consist the building block of the brain – Omega 3 fish oil.

Keeping your brain in a healthy condition is very essential as this is one organ that controls almost, if not everything you do. Make sure to consult a physician whenever you feel uneasy with your brain, or in a case of an injury in the head. Also, in cases of any history of any cognitive disease in your family such as dementia, let your doctor know before it becomes too late. Keep away from habits and lifestyles that pose harm on the functionality of the brain, like smoking and excessive drinking. Keep watch of your general health as they have a way of affecting your cognitive state.


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