American Health Association (AHA) has conducted a thorough research and published a report about the unhealthy effects of coconut oil. The health Association recommends not to use coconut oil because it is not good for health and carries more fat than any other fat carrying oil. The coconut oil released saturated fats like butter, beef and palm oil does and almost same in composition but coconut oil fats are beyond all.

Coconut Oil is not HealthyThe American Heart Association reveals coconut oil increases LDL, bad cholesterol, and causes cardiovascular diseases having no offset effects. Frank Sack, a leading author of report worries why people think coconut oil is good for health whether it is 100 % fat. The past studies and researches on weight loss might not be able to grasp whole scientific approach that is why people think coconut oil can help in weight loss. Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is unit of all oils and fats but coconut oil has it’s more amount than other oils, Marie-Pierre St-Onge said.

Here a problem lies with the research as the doctor use coconut oil as 100 MCT while traditional coconut oil has 15% of fats which means smaller amounts of MCT does not help in losing weight. The American Health Association recommends not exceed more than 6% use of such fats.  Being influenced by above-mentioned arguments, before trash your coconut oil, there are some points of worth importance. The saturated fat is overloaded terminology and AHA warns to avoid it through lower the use of coconut does not lower the risk of heart disease. Some fats do help body to absorb nutrients from another diet. Some might criticise butter as well but does not mean every speculation holds the truth. But the doctors make the very interesting choice about coconut oil which is not healthy by saying you can put coconut oil on your body but cannot put in your body.


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