Happy souls look younger but what if your face has started wrinkling even before you enter your 50s and you give an aged boring look? That’s a problem that you get to solve the more naturally the better. It’s the point where someone from your circle pops up and advises you to practice some facial exercise that might help you tightening your chick muscles and giving a punch to the double-chin. The question is do these facial exercises really make you look younger?

Researchers at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago think if exercise can do good to your heart and to your waistline, then why not to face? It really makes people look younger if done properly but they mustn’t expect drastic effects. It’s a gradual yet long lasting process.


Dr Murad Alam, the vice chair and professor of dermatology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine comments, “Now there is some evidence that facial exercises may improve facial appearance and reduce some visible signs of ageing”. He says if these exercises are practiced regularly, they might strengthen the facial muscles and give you fuller lower and upper cheeks and these firm skin properties might make you appear young than you really are.

Research Evidences the 3 Years Younger look After 20 weeks of Facial Exercise

The quick option consists of using check lifters, fillers or some happy cheeks sculpturing but in facial exercise, all you have to do is to perform some yoga practices recurrently for at least 20 weeks.

The facial exercise that makes you look younger uses the similar tactics to strengthen your cheek muscles as used exercise to stretch the biceps muscles and quads. Like other muscles, with exercise, the facial muscles start enlarging and occupying the space in the pouches below the face skin (the part mostly discussed in dermatological surgeries to cover up wrinkles). The firm muscles don’t let the skin pouches lose their rigidity and cause facial aging.

The research that backs the idea of facial exercise preventing facial aging recruited 27 women of age 40 to 65 for 20 weeks (about 5 months). However, 16 out of 27 women remained in the study till the end. These women were provided 90 minutes training for facial exercise and were asked to carry out the facial exercise training for rest of the weeks on their own practicing in daily in first 8 weeks while alternating the days in remaining 12 weeks.

Dermatologists were provided with the photographs of the participants showing their appearance, in the beginning, 8 weeks and after 20 weeks of the training. The jury used the standard facial aging scales and noticed the significant difference. The least difference they noticed was 3 years.

Alam said while commenting on results that, “Even when we reduced the exercise to every other day from every day after eight weeks, we continued to see improvements”.

Suggestions for being realistic

Alam believes that facial yoga and exercises are a better, natural and healthy replacement of using needles and knives for your skin treatment. But performing these exercises solely might not help. It’s efficient and convenient if you practice it with a group. He further asks people to not rely on just reading a couple of instruction and watching pictures to practice these exercise. You must go for some video classes or training. However, he concluded saying the combination of cosmetics procedure with facial exercise might be a wonderful way to have marvellous cosmetic effects.

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