What is ADHD: ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome having lack of concentration, impulsivity and anxiety as basic symptoms.

All of us confront depression, stress and anxiety in life but if it’s all about ADHD, all of your worries might seem a little magnified. These mood swings can influence your relationships, your academics, your work and all other related activities. But you can deal with easily if you know the tactics. However, if you see your mood swings going out of control, the very first thing you should do is to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Medication for ADHD can be beneficial to reset your concentration span, to deal your anxiety or hyperactivity but ADHD is not always about this. It comes with different symptoms that might not always be solved with medication.

But if you experience similar symptoms such as hyperactivity, trouble in staying at one place or position, reacting before thinking, trouble in paying attention to a task long enough or feeling anxiety, there are certain practices that you can follow to deal yourself on your own. Remember never to label yourself with any disorder until you consult your psychologist.

Take some time to Vent in a Week

Keeping your negative thoughts and aggression inside might turn it into a huge bubble that can cause massive destruction upon rupture. To avoid this, make some time to let go of your negative energies with some robust activities you like. You can play a Linkin Park song and dance over it, you can go hit a ball with all your force (any sport) or you can join a regular fitness class to moderate your energy level and to keep yourself calm.

Shift Your Attention

During a down period, try to focus on the solution rather than the causes. Attend how you can make yourself feel better rather than why it is all happening. Don’t blame yourself or any other person for how you behave during this period. It’s okay. Prepare some side activities beforehand to deal your blues. Make a playlist, enlist your favourite movies, series or comedy shows, put some very close and positive friends on your speed dial to talk to gain some positive energy and get sleep better.

Sleep Better

Disturbed sleep and wake cycle is also one of the reasons for attention deficit. When our body doesn’t take proper rest, our nerves are stretched and the body can’t attend to certain stimuli for longer. Therefore, try to get some quality sleep (8-9 hours straight), keep the technology away while sleeping and better regulate your sleep for coming days as well. It can help you deal your anxiety and can offer you some static changes in your concentration level.

Control Your Hyperfocus and Exercise More Often

ADHD is not always limited attention span but it is actually irregular attention that you might focus on certain things. People (adults and children equally) with ADHD usually overfocus on a certain thing and get into an emotional trauma. They might overthink about a romantic loss or academic loss more than they should. To avoid such situation, try to turn your attention to your passion. Always have some goals set in your life and involve in more engaging activities. Try to work according to your potentials to deal your overfocus on a particular feeling or experience.

More of, exercise regularly. The more you move your body the more it gets rid of negative energy and anxiety. Moving your muscles has always been one of the most effective ways to deal depressive symptoms. Schedule some light exercises, join gym or training classes for the cause. But make sure you don’t spend the whole blue day in your bed because that’s one of the terrible things you might do to yourself in that situation.

If you feel your symptoms rising above the normal horizon, don’t waste a second to report to a professional. Stay healthy!


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