Let me tell you one thing here, you can’t stop being emotional or touchy unless you are an artificial intelligence that now might have some emotions too or you’re dead. Even a serial killer has an emotion of joy when he rips a soul apart. So, stop hoping that one day you won’t feel anything. The only thing you want isn’t “not to feel anything at all” but to feel right things in right way.

The problem with highly sensitive and emotional people is that they worry about everything; even a single changed tone in the text message can cause them a huge bunch of emotional trouble. They feel every change around them whether it’s physical or emotional. Somebody shouts at their friend and their heartbeats get faster, they start trembling and lose control of their emotions altogether which certainly place them in a huge social and personal jeopardy. It can obstruct their academic life, work life and family life entirely.

If you’re one of those people who worry about other people’s worries more than they do, you need to do it the right way, without losing your own sense of existence. Here, I’m not suggesting a complete shutdown, but only a little rearrangement of your emotional system. So how can you stop your or anyone else’s emotional snowballing?

Right Music Right Movies

If someone mistreated you or caused you an emotional distress, you need to understand the world isn’t perfect. The first thing you can do is to find a calm and dark place to catch the breath. Honestly, this doesn’t work for me. No matter how calmer is the place; we can’t run away from the captivity of our own thinking. We are imprisoned there with no backup. That’s continuous. So it doesn’t work until I turn my stereo on and imagine myself dancing to the beat. I try to imagine different dance moves with every tone and let me tell you, I’m really creative at that. (Finesse is something I’m listening to nowadays during my blues or try this.) When your brain gets tired of dancing, eat something. That might occupy your mind for a while now. The next thing you can do is to watch a comedy movie. However, for me, action works best. But generally, comedy heals better.

Do you have a Funny Friend?

What are friends for? But real thing is that sensitive people have fewer friends. Not many people get along their tantrums. I understand. But if you have any good friend who is not biased about your time-to-time ranting, call him up. And if you don’t have any friend, go down the street or go to a park, any public place; ask people how their life is going? How they are and stuff. Knowing people’s problem really helps to understand that our problems aren’t the only problems in the world. People have got worse of them.

Philosophy Can Help

I have been watching this great action series based on New York City cybercrime network and there was a man who had a potential death threat, the girl approached to save him, he ate with her without asking any damn thing. Upon girl’s inquiry ‘why didn’t you ask me anything?’ he said, ‘Que sera, sera’ meaning ‘whatever will be, will be’. I even stopped there and thought, WOAH, I needed this. All of us, emotional people out there, need to understand that losing control won’t help. Because everything has a plan and all we need to do is to play our part in a sane way. We have a supreme power above us, God, who asks us to struggle, and the rest will be dealt with. It will pass. Whatever it is, it will pass. You will work to stop being emotional. That’s the quality of time, good or bad, it passes and all you need to do is to hold onto your emotional flux until it’s gone. I have tried, trust me, it works.

That’s what life is, a mixture of good and bad. And if you’ll try to change it, you’ll suffer. This emotional nature will get you to the right situations and to the right people one day. So don’t change your original nature, that’s “emotional”, improve it. Control it. And win!

I hope you get my point!


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