Hippocrates, the European father of medicine, seems to be the first person to officially refer to apple cider vinegar and its multiple efficacies. It is, however, only since the middle of the 20th century that apple cider vinegar has become a popular household item especially among the Western or Westernized quarters. Now the multiple usabilities and benefits of the item- from the mouth, stomach to the lavatory– has given it an extra edge among so many other things in the cupboard. As its name indicates the commercial product is prepared mostly from crushed apples through a process of dehydration and rehydration.

Let’s find out the different uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar:

For Hair/ Skin Purpose: Who does not want to have voluminous hair and shiny skin? ACV is perhaps the easiest solution to hair and skin problems. For the busy young generation it is surely the quickest way to take care of their hair and skin:

i. When used with shampoo, it gives an extra sheen to the hair. That is not all- it repairs the hair texture, cleans the scalp and removes dandruff. This product can be diluted with plain water to be used as an after-bath lotion for the hair.

ii. Since apple cider vinegar has detoxifying elements, it is often recommended for getting rid of skin issues like acne, rash, pimples and itching eruptions.

For Medical Purpose: Almost a panacea for common health hazards, apple cider vinegar is a handy medicine one may rely upon before consulting a specialist physician. All its ingredients- pectin; vitamins like B1, B2, B6; biotin, folic, acetic, lactic and citric acids; and some organic compounds, enzymes, fiber, water, some juices finally laced with some flavor- have curative properties:

  1. Common cold including sinus, throat infection and hoarse voice respond well to the ACV.

  2. Digestion related issues like stomach upset and food poisoning, mild gastric problems, indigestion, constipation, etc. can be handled with this magic potion mixed with a cup of warm water.

iii. It is believed that the ACV, as a whole, is a booster medicine for the human immune system and thereby it strengthens stamina.

  1. It is believed that a daily dose of ACV may help overcome or prevent health issues and diseases such as diabetes, high-level cholesterol, overweight, arthritis-related ailments, etc.

For Consumption Purpose: It is not suggested to consume raw apple cider vinegar without mixing it with water; it may damage the soft tissues of the throat.  When added to some food items, it gives a special tangy taste. It has in it some versatile and appetite inspiring components having myriad culinary utilities:  

i. The most common use of the wonder liquid is in ordinary vegan salad prepared with radish, garlic, tomato, cucumber, and onion, often combined with ginger, a spoonful of honey and black pepper. The same formula works well with cabbage salad and grilled or smoked cheese.

ii. It is frequently used to dress mixed salads prepared with non-vegetarian items such as beetroot salad with bacon and onion, or starters like chicken balls, pork, kebabs or smoked fish.

iii. ACV always goes well with food items like fried rice, chilly chicken, chowmein, sweet and sour pork, spring rolls and almost all popular Chinese dishes.

iv. More than often a solution of ACV and pure water is used as an excellent detoxifying agent.

For Household Purpose: As a cleaning agent ACV has a wonderful reputation, no matter if it is your mouth or other things that need daily attention for keeping them healthy, neat and clean:

  1. Kitchen sinks, basins, toilets, tiles, and floors can be cleaned with ACV as its acidic properties have the ability to remove dirt.

  2. Even ¼ cup of ACV in the washing machine would add extra shine to the fabrics.

iii. Clean vegetables and fruits with a mixture of ACV and water with or without hydrogen peroxide. This is surely an excellent idea since the concoction works like germs and bacteria-killing agent.

  1. It is to be used without mixing water in case the stains in the windows or containers and refrigerator have hard sediment deposits or water spots.

Word of Wisdom: You should be very careful while taking ACV into the mouth or applying on your face, body, and hair if you have hyper-sensitive skin. In that case, ACV must be properly diluted with water to weaken its potency.


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