An apple a day keeps the doctor away, okay, but how come? Why are apples so special among its species? They are delicious, crunchy, full of nutrients, make full-package snacks, easily portable and they keep you hydrated.

But is it enough to keep the doctor away? You can consider it yes. But apples have a lot of more wonders hidden inside its existence. Considering Einstein’s experiment, you can’t actually deny the significance of apples for the healthy survival. But before it gets too far, let’s have a look at some detailed benefits of apple.

It’s Nutritious for Your Heart

Apples are special for decreasing the risks of cardiovascular diseases and for burning the blood fats. Researchers at the University of Illinois prove that apples are full of fibers whether soluble or insoluble which work collectively with plant-based nutrients in apple and phytonutrients to lower the blood cholesterol level. These fibers reduce the probability of heart attack by combining their nutritional features as well.

They are Robust Antioxidants

Apples, especially its peels, have strong antioxidant effects which are evidently said to be working against the development of liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and others. The University of Illinois demonstrates that more than half of the antioxidants found in apple are located in their peels. More of, it is found that the flavonoids, vitamin C and polyphenols found in apples are the core source of antioxidant qualities of apples.

They Fight Cholesterol

Among super benefits of apples, they are also known for their ability to not only reduce blood cholesterol level but also for reducing its oxidation. Nutritionist tested oxidation cholesterol-lowering effects of apples, peaches and pears and luckily, among these three fruits, apples won. They are royal in their functions of keeping cholesterol less oxidized and under control. Research says oxidized cholesterol leads to the formation of some free radicals which are deadly for heart health. So, keep eating apples because they help you distinguish bad cholesterol and good cholesterol.

Choosing Right Apples

You can just go to the market and buy some apples. It is really that easy. But not really!

There are different varieties of apples available in the market but you better choose those which are fresh, healthily colours and unbruised. Another thing to consider while buying apples is to check pesticide application. Buy organic apples they usually come without pesticide exposure. Somehow, if you decide or you have to buy conventional apples, make sure to wash them properly while rubbing them nicely enough or with the vegetable brush to get rid of the residual effects.

More of, keep your apples safely stored. It is said apples can be stored for at least 2-3 months without major nutrition lost. But it is safe if you use a crisper bin with appropriate moisture provided by a damp cloth perhaps.

Have you Tried Cooking Apples?

Apples are usually eaten as a fruit without heating. But experimenters have tried cooking them and they predict excellent results. We often eat desserts using apples that prove the theory. So, be creative in your kitchen using handy apples.


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