Health Benefits of Ginger: Usually planted in India, Indonesia, Jamaica and Fiji Ginger is a member of Zingiberaceae family along with cardamom and turmeric. Ginger is commonly found in most of the Asian cookery and has a strong historical background of curing digestive problems such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, motion sickness and even constipation. Its rhizome (the root part) can be devoured in crushed, dried, powdered or in fresh form for its nutritive profits. Furthermore, it is a well-known spice famous for adding the piquant touch to the food.

Health Benefits of GingerGinger drinks are also famed for weight loss purposes. Generally, ginger carries the healthy benefits of losing weight, better digestion, controlling sugar level, managing cholesterol level in blood, healthy body, and fair skin and for strong hair. Fair enough for a fruit or vegetable?

Well, all of these benefits including ginger’s special smell and taste potentially have gingerol in the background which is the basic elemental oil of ginger. Gingerol is what makes ginger a robust anti-inflammatory and antioxidant entity.

Ginger is Good for Heart

Health Benefits of GingerAmong all the herbal recommendations doctor make for a healthy heart, ginger supplements are at the top of them. The elements laid in ginger directly strike the blood sugar level and drop it level to the healthy point. Similarly, altering the LDL cholesterol in the blood with the healthy cholesterol is also the trick of ginger and it is counted as one of the major health benefits of ginger.

Ginger and Menstrual Pain

As ginger is a pain reliever, it deals the menstrual pain in the most wanted way. In a study for checking the ginger benefits on menstrual pain, 115 females were instructed to take only 1 g of ginger in the first 3 days of their period and the results were astonishing. The females reported that the ginger supplement was workable enough to beat the medicines like ibuprofen.


Ginger Fights Inflammation

Ginger, being an ancient herbal spice, is being used for its anti-inflammatory benefits too. A lot of recent researches including the one published in the Cancer Prevention Research journal have put forward the evidence of how limited quantity of ginger dealt the colon of the research volunteers in a month and how it reduced the chances of colon cancer. Similarly for osteoarthritis-a disease involving degeneration of joints-a study was conducted volunteering 247 people and those who took the ginger supplements bore less pain and joint stiffness.


Ginger Fights Nausea

Ginger has a rich history of dealing nausea which makes it one of the best herbal medical recommendations. It is reported to be best for relieving vomiting and nausea particularly after surgery or during chemotherapy. The most significant role ginger plays is in dealing pregnancy nausea such as morning sickness. A scientific research on the benefits of ginger has reported that using 1.1-1.5 g of ginger can considerably lower the chances of nausea in pregnancy. Using ginger has no side effect if taken in right quantity. If you’re pregnant, better consult your doctor first.


If you think all of these ginger-healing claims are mere verbalization, you can pick ginger from your kitchen now to see the magic it does.


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