kalonji, commonly known as black cumin, is also known by its scientific name Nigella sativa. It belongs to buttercup family of flowering plants. Besides its common culinary use, it is also useful as a medicine. It is a natural remedy for many diseases such as for bronchitis, pneumonia etc.

Its beneficence for human health is remarkable. Some of health benefits of kalonji are:

Killer of Bacteria:

It is very useful to treat bacterial infections such as pneumonia. Its ability to fight against strain bacteria makes it more useful in medicine. As it acts as antibacterial, so it can be used to treat MRSA(methicillin-resistant staphylococcal skin), which is a strain bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and difficult to treat especially in diabetic patients. It can also be applied to infants, who are suffering from staphylococcal skin infections. More research is needed to study antibacterial nature of kalonji so that we can get benefits from it.

Routine Use:

It can be added to your routine diet in different ways. It is lightly toasted and then ground to add taste or flavour to the bread. Its oil is used as the natural remedy to increase hair growth, to treat skin or to reduce inflammation. Sometimes it is added to smoothies or yogurt etc. and provides awesome taste.  Some people take it on daily bases mixed with water or honey. Nowadays, supplements are also available for a concentrated and immediate dose of kalonji.


Oxygen is present in the atmosphere and is very useful for us. but sometimes it contains some harmful substances that can affect human skin badly. So kalonji can be used as antioxidants for it contains some compounds such as t-anethole, carvacrol and thymoquinone. It is useful for its powerful effects on health and diseases. It can provide protection to skin and breath of human being from the chronic environment that can lead to serious diseases like cancer, obesity, heart diseases etc. Its oil can also protect skin from toxic air.

It can Reduce Inflammation:

Inflammation is a natural process and a normal immune response of body that can be useful but it can also be an alarm for a disastrous disease. In most cases, it is the immune response of the body against injury or infection. While it can also contribute to some chronic disease.  Kalonji has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Studies told us that people with rheumatoid get cured by using kalonji in their diet on daily basis. A substance in kalonji named thymoquinone contributes in pancreatic cancer cells to reduce inflammation.

The Remedy for Stomach Ulcer:

Stomach has layers that protect it from acids that can eat away these layers and can cause the ulcer, a traumatic condition. The stomach ulcer is painful to sore and animal study showed that kalonji has the ability to protect linings of the stomach against alcohols. It can also prevent ulcer’s growth and development.

Regulator of Cholesterol Level:

Cholesterol is actually energy storing bodies present all over the body in the form of fats. When we need a little amount of it, high amount builds up in blood and can increase risks of heart diseases. Various studies show that kalonji has the powerful effect of lowering cholesterol level. Kalonji oil can play the more important role in lowering cholesterol level then kalonji powder. Kalonji Powder increases the level of HDL cholesterol which is good for human health.

Liver Protection:

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body as it metabolizes drugs, produces proteins and chemicals, removes toxins and processes nutrients too. Studies reveal this kalonji reduces the toxicity of chemicals injected into the body and can protect kidney and liver damage. It may help to protect the liver from injury and damage due to its antioxidant ability and also to reduce inflammation.

Can Help in Fighting Against Cancerous Cells:

Thymoquinone is an important compound present in kalonji that has potential to fight against cancer. Kalonji is highly antioxidant and helps to neutralize harmful radicals that can cause cancer in human body. It can also induce cell death of cancerous bodies. It is useful to treat breast cancer and can also be useful to treat other cancers like colon, liver cancers etc.

Can regulate Blood Sugar Level:

Normal blood sugar level ensures the health of human beings and save them from diabetes related diseases whcih are permanent diseases and have just remedies or temporary medications with no permanent cure. High blood sugar level can cause thirst, fatigue, weight loss and it recuses the ability of a man to concentrate. Kalonji can regulate blood sugar level and can keep it under control. It helps to prevent dangerous side effects of high sugar level in blood. Supplements of kalonji can also help in regulating blood sugar level and you can easily get them from market.


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