Food preferences and taste vary individually, nationally as well as culturally. There are regions which are known for certain kind of food such as India and Pakistan for spicy foods and China and Turkey for modest and less spicy foods. If we observe individually, there are people who are excitingly fond of food full of spices and thrill while other like light food with soups and boiled vegetables. However, spicy loud foods are more popular than light and modest foods.

One reason of this popularity is that people like adventure and thrill and if you ever have tried a red chilli coated beef steak, you surely know how sizzling it feels to have that piece of meat in the mouth. It brings excitement, vigour and energy in the body and makes you crave more. Its human nature that people tend to plunge in things that seem different, exciting and bold and spicy food contains that all; taste, zest and zing. But there is another reason for this popularity as well; the health benefits of spicy foods.

At some point we always add these spices in our foods no matter if its cumin coated sautéed, coriander to top the bowl of curry or red pepper added on chicken steaks. You might also love a ginger slice in your herbal tea, don’t you? Here I have certain specific health benefits of spicy food to share that might alter your perspective of staying away from grounded jalapeno or other spices.

Spices Boost Weight Loss

What if some peppery bites help you burn a bunch of calories without even intentionally trying? Well, welcoming chopped jalapeno or some hot sauce to the table does this trick of making your food more presentable, fiery, kicking up your metabolism and helping you burn calories in post 20 minutes of your meals. There is a thermogenic rock star in chilli called capsaicin which puts your body fats on fire and helps your weight loss plan.

Spicy Food Improves Heart Health

If you’re worried about spices hitting your heart muscles, drop the subject now. Studies exhibit that regions, where spices are used more, have the relatively lower rate of heart strokes and heart attacks because the chilli ingredients fight the bad cholesterol and help your body maintain the proportion of good cholesterol meanwhile the thermogenic rock star capsaicin beats inflammation which is reportedly the most basic reason of heart strokes.

Spicy Food Protect you From Cancer

American Association of Cancer Research reports that turmeric, a spice found in curry leaves, is well known for lowering the cancer cell production and tumour growth. And that chilli’s capsaicin has the ability to fight leukaemic and cancer cells. You can just add red chilli and turmeric to black pepper to make a perfect marinade for your chicken kebabs.

Spicy Foods help you Control Your Blood Pressure

Pepper heats your body up that makes your blood rush smoothly through veins while Vitamin A and C produced through spices strengthen the walls of blood vessels which provide you with a major support to the human cardiovascular system and help you prevent your blood pressure shoot up.

Spicy Food makes you Happy

This is what I was waiting to write about!

Spices trigger the production of your happiness hormone; serotonin. Usually, we experience pleasure due to the production of dopamine while serotonin is what responsible for true happiness and spices trigger it all. It helps you deal your stress, depression and untimely mood swings. Trust me, bring your sad friend for a spicy food delight, you will drop him home full of excitement. Try it and let us know if it works!


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