A headache is a normal condition we usually face in our daily lives. But if one person comes across a headache daily with deferent severity, that is something alarming which is needed to be dealt shortly. There are numerous types of a headache spanning from normal un-comfort to unbearable condition leading to ruin a day. Among all, headache due to tension or stress on nerves stands common while a cluster headache is a severe type in which head feels pain in clusters or groups.

In order to get relief, there are many workable treatments like medication or therapies but instant home remedies for a headache can give you better and long-standing relief and cure leading towards normal healthy life.

Drink Water

Hydration is the best we can do to our body by drinking water. Dehydration sometimes may lead to a headache or stress on mental nerves. Fortunately, some scientific studies have revealed that drinking water can reduce the symptoms of a headache in dehydrated patients in 30 minutes to three hours. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water and eating water-rich food can make you better hydrated.


According to medical research scholars, the mineral named magnesium, naturally found in earth crust can be an effective treatment for a headache to reduce it immediately and to end it shortly. It comprises some features to control blood sugar and nerve transmission control in the body thus it can soothe our mind. It is to be noted that magnesium is a very vital element of the human body and its deficiency can lead to a headache so 600 mg of magnesium citrate can reduce the frequency and pressure of a headache.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol can generate migraines in the human body that eventually lead to a headache so the extra use of alcohol causes a headache. It also causes vasodilation, a process in which blood arteries get widen and more blood flow through them. Being diuretic, it emits fluid from the body through urination, eventually leading to dehydration and thus headache. By limiting alcohol use, it can be avoided.

Adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is an important factor of being healthy and reduction in sleep hours affect overall body functions in many ways, Headache is one of them. A study found that the people who sleep less than six hours have more frequent and severe headache problems than those who take eight hours sleep. On the contrary, sleeping more than normal hours can trigger a headache in cases. Medic experts suggest taking 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily.

Avoid High Histamine Foods

The study says consumption of histamine can lead to a headache because it initiates migraines in the body. It can be found in food articles like beer, wine, cured meats, smoked fish and aged cheese. Some people cannot digest such things so easily and eventually fall a prey to a headache. By avoiding such diet, one can keep his health up to the mark.

Use Essential Oils

One of the important and effective instant home remedies for a headache is the use of essential oils. Some oils really play determining role in keeping body tuned and well functioned. Peppermint and lavender oil important oils that really help in killing the headache due to their therapeutic advantages. Moreover, lavender oil reduces migraines that did not let headache initiate if use in time.

B-Complex Vitamin

Vitamins B have defensive behaviour against a headache and they convert consumed food into energy for body use. in addition to it, they contribute neurotransmitter synthesis being water soluble food supplement and reduce the symptoms of a headache finally. Vitamin B is perceived as safe intake regularly and excess of vitamin B would be flushed out through urination.

Cold Compress

By applying frozen and cold compresses around neck and head can lead to the reduction in a headache. It makes nerve conduction slow, restricts blood vessels and reduces migraines finally reduces a headache. In order to apply cold, take some cubes of ice in the plastic bag, wrap a towel around it and rub around neck and head.

Take Coenzyme Q10

This is powerful antioxidant found naturally in the human body that converts taken food into energy for better body functioning and proves one of the instant home remedies for a headache. It is considered better natural cure to a headache in certain conditions like an interval headache. A study shows people taking 100 mg of  Coenzyme Q10 depicted fewer complaints of a headache and migraines.

Elimination Diet

Some studies have suggested that there are some foods might not be tolerated by the stomach can cause a headache. If a man feels like food intolerance, one must eliminate diet to be sure the cause of the problem. Alcohol, wine, citrus fruits, aged cheese and coffee can be the common factors to trigger migraines, thus elimination of diet for 12 weeks can produce best results.

Drink Caffeinated Tea or Coffee

Drinking caffeinated tea or coffee is the best cure to deal with a headache. It constricts blood vessels, reduces a headache, increases body alertness with positive effects to kill a headache. It also enhances the durability and processing of taken medicine to reduce a headache.

Try Acupuncture

This is an old Chinese technique in which needles are inserted in the body to stimulate certain portions of the body and to make them more workable, and thus headache is cured. This practice, according to experts can reduce the symptoms of a headache.


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