Interesting news was circulated in the national newspaper of the USA reporting President Trump drinks 12 diet cokes a day. As far as the health concerns, it is far better than drinking sugary beverages. Even some of the nutritionists recommend drinking diet soda but one dozen of bottles? It is a big deal discuss.

Dr Dariush, the dean of the department of nutrition science at Tufts University, says it would be quite earlier to say what this soda actually does to President’s body but it has some general issues. Dr Dariush further says the risks of artificial sweeteners or low calorie are not well researched so far, therefore, reaching the conclusion would be untimely and unjust. Dr Dariush showed the resolve to conduct an experiment on the entire population and to observe the effects overall. What nutritionist know, however, is drinking 12 bottles exceeds the limit set for adults by the medical ethics and there is a bit to prefer diet over water and other drinks. If it really exceeds, it might lead to insomnia, fast heartbeat, migraines, jitters and many more.

The basic problem with diet soda is that it comprises artificial sweeteners with almost low calorie and make you feel like sugar, eventually rises a sense of considering it sweet. He further argues that it may make them gravitate towards natural sweet and sugar because they are so primed to intense artificial sweet. Though a lot of work is to be done in this regard some of the effects are as follow:

Weight Gain

A research carried out by animal sciences found that diet soda provides the artificial taste of sugar of with low calories necessary to satisfy the original quest for sugar. The body strives to crave the energy from artificial stuff but in this way, it finds enough calories and causes hunger leading to overeating. For it disturbs the hunger-regulating hormones and gut bacteria along with some psychological change that would end up increasing body weight.

Risks for Type 2 Diabetes

Though the research has not shown any direct linkage between diabetes type 2 and diet soda there are certain theoretical assumptions that support this assumption. A study in 2009 showed that people drinking diet soda are 67% more likely to be the victim of type 2 diabetes than nor drinkers. But it might be possible people prone to this type chose to drink diet in first place.

It can be Bad for Heart

The same above mentioned study found a relatively strong connection between heart disease and diet soda. It found people drinking diet soda are 37% more at risk of cardiovascular diseases than those who avoid these drinks. It is more likely to develop a metabolic syndrome that could lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and extra belly fat and cholesterol levels in the body. In severe cases, it can lead to heat stroke, heart diseases and other related problems.

It may be Bad for Brain

A new study published this interestingly found two times higher risk of stroke among those who drink diet soda than those who abstain. It also causes dementia and Alzheimer disease-leading to severe brain damage. It is to be noted that no strong and direct connections are found between Alzheimer and diet soda but it is same as diabetes and soda drinkers.


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