Look for the correct letters

Ignorance of the designations on the package does not absolve from responsibility. In any case, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that promises protection from UVB and UVA rays (the corresponding abbreviations should be indicated on the packaging). Every season pleases us with new cosmetic novelties. For example, a couple of years ago there were new products that can be applied directly to damp skin, and this summer there were many novelties with matting effect.

Keep a stick in your handbag

Today, the need for sunscreens is as obvious as the red burned nose on the face when this simple rule is disregarded. It is he who needs special attention. Skin in this capricious area tends to be greasy, so the action of the sunscreen drug quickly fades into nothing. Traditionally, sticks work in areas of increased danger. They are convenient to use, without attracting unnecessary attention (and they are always easily kept at hand).

Always defend yourself

Cloudy days in the summer – not a reason to do without a day cream with SPF. Moreover, it is in such weather that the rays of spectrum A are especially dangerous, causing serious diseases and contributing to skin aging.

Consult your doctor

Drugs from high blood pressure, hormonal birth control pills and antibiotics increase the sensitivity of tissues to the sun and increase the risk of burning and sunburn. If you go to hot edges, but at the same time continue to take drugs, be sure to choose the means with the highest SPF (at least not less than 30).

Soothe the skin

Sometimes in the sun, the face becomes covered with red specks. This is not so much a burn as micro-inflammation is a specific reaction to ultraviolet? which is quite easy to remove. It is enough to take a capsule with evening primrose oil, pierce it and put the contents on clean skin for the night. Due to the large content of irreplaceable gamma-linolenic acid, restoring the water barrier and reducing redness, there will be no trace of annoying problems in the morning.

Use thermal water

Irrigate the thermal water not only the face but also the body: it will make the most powerful thermoregulator – your skin – work at full strength. It works as follows: a part of the liquid is absorbed instantly and lowers the temperature of the blood in the moistened area. The mineral fountain is best directed to the pulse region: the neck, the inside of the knees, the back of the wrists.


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