Vitamins are the most important elements of the human body on which body rely. They are extracted from fruits, vegetables, whole grain, nuts and many other naturally found entities. But sadly, there are some companies producing artificial vitamins and urging people to take artificial vitamin supplements and recover your deficiencies in no time. They are launching a curious and eye-dazzling campaign and are successful to much extent in attracting the right audience. Here the question arises, does anyone really need to own personalized vitamins? Artificially and medically assessed answer to this question would surely be negative. If a person is taking healthy diet to full capacity, he may have better vitamin intake and will never face vitamin deficiency to come and use artificial personalized vitamins. Above all, a healthy man absorbs vitamin through food better than any other way.

Personalized vitaminsSome of the supplement production companies come with a claim to be backed by credible research by medics before production and offer vitamins and probiotics in the market. But the truth is they make supplements for general purpose while it is not necessary every person would feel easy about it. It is only your doctor who can tell you what sort of vitamin you are the lack of rather than taking universal packs with no medical consultation or prescription. There is also the difference in research regarding the production of these artificial and personalized vitamins and clinical research indicates health issues, side effects, doubts on the purity of ingredients and how it is likely to react with the body and so on.

Personalized vitaminsWhen you feel deficiency of the vitamin, it might easy and convenient for you to get vitamin supplement pack at your doorstep but be fearful of going to doctor it any risk occurs. If a person is insisted in taking such vitamins, better he visits his doctor first and examines what he really lacks and what actually need to be done to recover it and then let doctor compare symptoms and product benefits or decide whether to take it or not. Don’t take it by yourself, because you’re not a professional. It is recommended by the medics not to take serious decisions regarding the health that may lead you to permanent disease.


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