The global skincare market is projected to make $141.3 billion in 2019, and a whopping $180.3 billion annually by 2024 as reported by Statista. As one of the world’s most booming markets, skincare and beauty companies must keep up with the needs of their consumers. In 2019, clients are not only seeking ways in which to boost their youthful glow, but also find products that promote a natural, sustainable solution to their skincare needs. The new generation of beauty consumers are changing the skincare industry game with a departure from the old, traditional pharmaceutical brands and a push for new, socially-aware companies. 

Naked Packaging: The New Trend

One of the biggest trends to hit the skincare industry is the idea of “naked” sustainable packaging and resourcing of products. Clients not only want the product itself to have a natural formula, but also want the packaging itself to promote a healthy and clean environment. Business Insider reports that companies from Lush to Amazon have adopted this new initiative to meet the needs of the consumers. Toxin-free and environmentally-friendly packaging invites the client to feel good not only about their beauty routine, but also the chemical footprint they leave on the world around them.

Natural and Customizable Skin Solutions

Every face is different. Why then do we expect skincare products to be one size fits all? Another skincare trend of 2019 offers the solution to this conundrum. The concept of customizable skincare products is a trend that is only growing; creating a customizable line of products tailored to not only your skin, but also meeting the needs of your lifestyle and environment. From genetic-based skincare treatments to diagnostic-style quizzes, you can generate a collection of beauty tools to help you look and feel your best.

One such customizable and nature-friendly product to hit the market is the Y’OUR Personalized Skin Care line. Offering a “custom regimen for your unique skin” their line includes a diagnostic style assessment that will match you with products rich in natural ingredients. From fruit enzymes, tea tree oil, marula oil, and green tea, their products are free of parabens and GMO’s and promise to personalize a line of products to meet your skin care needs. What’s even more promising: their products are produced in the United States instead of mass-produced overseas like many other pharmaceutical skin care products. 

Clean, Green, and Beautiful

Skincare consumers aren’t just interested in glowing skin; they also seek products that make a difference. A new generation of beauty consumers are rejecting the traditional big brand in the market, and instead are seeking out local, natural or independently made products that promote environmentally-friendly initiatives. Many brands now are boasting about the natural ingredients on their labels or advertise as “paraben-free” to grab the attention of these young consumers.

The skincare market has a whole new, young and fresh face in 2019. Customizable and green products that promote inner and outer beauty are flying off the shelves as the young consumer is dictating the trends of the market. The idea of sustainable, natural skincare is one that’s not going away any time soon.


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