Life is busy and we seldom spare time to review our whole medical schedule every now and then. So, having diabetes can make you worried and you can start feeling a bit disturbed in your routine. But certain measures can bring you out of this overwhelming condition and can help you live a better life with diabetes, and these conditions are just some changes in your routine. You can tolerate diabetes whole of your life pleasantly and can have improved blood glucose level by mere slight changes in your day-to-day life.

See some tips or ideas that can help you live with diabetes harmlessly:

Use your smartphone

You can have an app on your phone that might help log your diet, measure your blood glucose level and it can also have an access to other people in the community facing the same problem and ultimately leading you to live a better life with diabetes. These apps can send you notifications about taking a prescription or appointment to your doctor and can refer some support groups you can join to interact with people like yourself. Mostly these apps are free of cost for the assistance of people, providing health facility to the public and improving health standards. Your diabetes supplies can be easily available as it can help you ordering your supplies such as tablets, test strips or batteries for your own meter.

Don’t let your Skin Dry

You have diabetes and it might make your skin extremely dry. Perhaps it is a side effect of diabetes but there are some measures that can help you in having moisture skin. Keep checking your blood glucose level and clean your hands every now and then. Pack hands sanitizers for an overnight trip or outdoor move. It can help you have clean hands. Just keep moisturizing.

An advantage of Pharmacy

To lessen your worry about the accurate timing of your medicine and adequate supply of your prescription, you can take help from pharmacies. Pharmacies offer a cost-free program for ensuring your serious behaviour about your medication. They provide prescription and can call or text you when it ready. Most pharmacies are trained for diabetes care and for answering your questions about your prescription quickly helping you live a better life with diabetes. But that needs mutual involvement. Because there is no shortcut is available in the matter of blood’s glucose level and medication is the best way to keep in balance. You will keep them updated and they will deal the rest for you.

Stocking Supplies

Don’t buy a huge number of supplies. You might forget how old they are that can cause a hell lot of trouble. Therefore, when you buy a new box of any medicine or pill, just check its expiry date. And make it sure that the closest date is in front of your shelf. It can help you using those supplies before expiring.

Insulin’s Temperature

Keep your insulin at low temperature. Use cold gel bags for keeping its temperature down and to keep it safe from hot weather. Protective bags and cooling wallets can help you keep the temperature of insulin low for at least 48 hours or more than this. Do this and you’ll be able to utilize this pack for relatively more time.

Travelling along with your Stock

When you travel anywhere do keep your supplies stock in a makeup bags or any other valet of this sort. Put all your supplies like syringes, tablets and insulin in one and lancets and strips in other. In this way, you can get anything you want within no tie. Manage things beforehand so that you don’t need to rush.

Following these life hacks can help you keep your blood glucose level under control in your weekdays and you can review them on weekends. Happy health!


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