Getting up to cheese in the breakfast to dining with beef steaks might cause you a problem with “go vegan for a month”. You’ll pass by a stall, a table in the restaurant or a co-worker having the cheeseburger in lunch and you’ll crave it like hell. You don’t have any guarantee that you’ll stay put to your vegan diet for as long as a hell MONTH. But with that struggle, trust me you’re not alone. There are many people out there who try to stay there for 30 days that change their health scale for rest of their lives. But the terms must be considered properly. No cheese, no chicks! Fruits and veggies only that can be really difficult if you’ve been living on animal stuff lately.

But here comes the question, does it worth it? There are certain reasons that might back up the idea of “go vegan for a month”. Let’s have a look.

Changes in Weight

Weight loss isn’t always the case when you’ve been living on heavy vegetable burgers and stuff. But it can be otherwise. A couple of people who tried the vegan diet for a month report that it was so efficient and easy to lose weight once they completely transferred to veggies. Researchers report the proteins in the vegetable carry fewer calories than meat and that might cause significant weight loss if the vegan diet is dealt fairly. But if you overeat and overdone your vegan diet, you might end up going high on carbs and body weight too.

It’s evident that you’ll find it rough and tough to avoid your special junk food. As Virginia Messina MPH, RD, says she always feels jealous when watching people eating cheese, steaks and stuff even after she’s been on the vegan diet for more than 25 years. (Notes apart, I salute her dedication to her health).

Vegan Diet Plays with Taste Buds

Research evidence that if you go even a week without animal products in oil, salt, sugar or fat and without junk food, your taste starts to change. As vegan reports that his whole sense of taste has been changed even heightened and he is seeking so much pleasure out of his routine diet. He always found it hard to suppress his desire for sweet but with veggies in his diet, he hardly notices the desires of his sweet tooth. The sensitivity of taste buds changes and you really start getting more pleasure out of your food. High dopamine with just eating food? WOAH!

You Become a Great Cook

With vegetables on the counter, you have plenty of options for your dinner. You might stress out for few days as a beginner, but as you’ll start finding new ingredients and new power-matches, it would be so fun. For beginners, it might go like “what the hell I’m going to eat today” but when you’ll look for some favourite vegetables, search for some recipes and will try to do it in your own way, you’ll love it. Trust me. You might find some 5-6 options for your dinner that you actually love. And here you become really a revolutionized cook. So if you do vegan for a month, it doesn’t only change your taste, help you lose weight, bring a good cook out of you but also helps you change with your family in a completely different perspective while cooking your meals for them. Try it and I hope they like it!


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