What is Thrive Diet?

Designed and proposed by a professional endurance triathlete Branden Brazier the thrive diet is a leafy diet plan that aims at helping people maintain healthy body weight and avoid chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and diabetes type 2. Brazier has put forward a book guide The Thrive Diet as well as online diet plans to help his followers gain the ultimate goal of well-being.

Thrive diet is principally similar to going vegan. It restricts its followers to green un-cooked food (or cooked at low temperature) and frees them from counting their calorie in and out.

The Main Idea

The main idea of the thriving diet is to allow people eat frequently in a day rather than restricting them to specific times and menus for their on-diet interval. People following thrive diet don’t have to keep the record of their calorie intake and fats burnt. It permits followers to eat gentle and lightly cooked green meals four to five times a day and even more. Thrive diet promises the healthy body weight, good heart health, controlled cholesterol and blood sugar level, the energy level of body, stress releasing and overall good health. However, all of its claims are theoretical with few of them empirically tested. The researchers are indeed working to evaluate the long-term effects of such vegan diet on human health.

What Can You Eat?

In thrive diet, you are supposed to give up on all animal products whether its meat or other dairy products. This diet is primarily based on all-green, cooked at low-temperature multiple meals a day. But under the umbrella of thrive diet, you must be extremely careful about what you shop. Brazier even has introduced a shopping list that includes beets, celery, avocado, onion, dinosaur kale, sweet potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, nori sheets, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, hemp, amaranth, wild rice, quinoa, apples, dates, coconut oil, bananas, grapefruit, walnuts, spelt flour, almonds, brown rice, apple cider vinegar, agave nectar and some fresh herbs.

In short, you’re only allowed to eat beans, seeds, leafy green vegetables, fruits, sea vegetable, brown rice, herbs and apple cider vinegar.

All of the meals you prepare make it sure they contain all necessary ingredients with a lot of proteins, fibre, necessary minerals and healthy fats with no animal fat. These meals must be healthy enough to serve your hunger and other biological requirements. The thrive diet aims at providing you with the best and raw nutrients without requiring the supplements through all green food that you’ll have a huge choice in.

What You Can’t Eat

As told before, thrive diet is all about going green at least and almost no contact with animal products. You are bound to avoid meat (lamb, beef, pork etc.), fish (salmon, tuna, white fish etc.), eggs and poultry (chicken or turkey), seafood (oyster, shrimp, scallops, crab, calamari etc.) and all dairy products (milk, cream, cheese etc.)

You are also required to leave all processed meals with oil, fats, salt, sugar and artificial flavours no matter how much energy they offer you. Thrive diet will deal it your way.

Does Thrive Diet is Risky?

Thrive diet is all about going green, eating food in their natural state without burning them over the stove and following a persistent several-meals-a-day routine. But it’s healthy for only those who adopt it gradually not abruptly. If you’re going to jump to thrive vegan diet right away, skipping every other thing, you might be at risk of nutrient deficiency. Because nutrients you majorly find in animal products such as vitamin B-12, calcium, iron,  DHA etc. aren’t really abundant in green foods. So, specialists recommend making your body habitual of thrive diet gradually rather than cutting the whole energy intake all at once.

Another important thing to consider is that if you make this gradual change in a short period of time, you might also experience stomach and gut issues such as bloating, irritability and even headache. Therefore, it’s better if you give yourself some time.

Potential Benefits of Thrive Diet

People who follow the thrive diet and go vegan are reported to have good and healthy body weight, normal blood pressure, relatively low cholesterol and blood sugar level and they are at lower risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and illnesses like diabetes type 2. Research has backed up the idea for these after effects but things are still needed to be dug deeper to identify the long-term benefits of these foods.

However, there are also evidence of reduced medical prescriptions for people who follow thrive diet by the brazier. And that when you eliminate processed and fatty foods from your life, you automatically lead yourself to divine well-being. It is also good to couple these diet efforts with the regular brisk walk or light cardio to gain maximum results.

Can Anybody Opt Thrive Diet?

Not really!

People who have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and cholesterol, who are obese and unfit and those who suffer from diabetes type 2 disease are welcome more warmly to use thrive diet and they are more likely to get benefits out of it. But those who just want to be healthy and clean up their diet for a healthy lifestyle, they can make other changes in their diet. They are not happily suggested to go for thrive diet.

More of, people with thyroid issues should also avoid going vegan completely because there are certain items such as corns that can trigger thyroid gland to behave differently. And similarly, people with kidney problems should also avoid potassium and phosphorus available in green fresh foods.

This was all you need to know. If you have got some other questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment or to email us.

Stay healthy!


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