Toenail Fungus Treatments:

Toenail infections are one of the most common infections people experience and most of the time they don’t understand what it is or what is causing the situation. Toenail fungus or infection actually has various symptoms and these symptoms might be the signs of yeast or candida virus in our system.

Most of the times nails develop this fungus due to an infection named “onychomycosis” or “tinea unguium”. This infection has its roots in fungal growth from the yeast. These microorganisms infect nails and they end up developing nail fungus or worst.

Evidently, 3-12% of the population suffer from toenail or nail fungus and people who are aged and those with the insensitive immune system are more likely to be affected.

There can be multiple causes of toenail fungus but usually, it is considered that these infections have their roots in certain other physical conditions. Therefore, doctors might take the sample of nails of patients and send them to the laboratory to identify the type of fungus affecting nails. This helps in exposure and treatment of toenail fungus.

Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Infected with toenail fungus, toenail tends to change its colour and becomes brittle. Yellowish or brownish crust starts developing on the front of the nails and they become fragile, easily breakable and change shape. Usually, the physical symptoms are accompanied by pain around nails and in certain cases, nails detach from the skin. There might be small white dots or white blotches over the nail which gradually grow and spread and indicate ‘White Superficial Onychomycosis’.

Why Do Toenail Fungus Develop at First Place?

One reason for developing toenail fungus can be the internal imbalance of healthy and unhealthy microorganisms: bacteria. When your stomach lacks the good bacteria they might be replaced by yeast or fungus that exhibit side effects in the form of toenail fungus. But this is not the sole issue behind this massive destruction, there can be some other contributing factors as well. People who have athlete’s foot, diabetes, compromised immune system or certain genetic issues might also develop toenail fungus that others who are relatively healthy. More of contact with contaminated items such as towel, some tool, contaminated swimming pool etc. And wearing dirty clothes such as socks might also lead you to this disaster.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

There are multiple toenail fungus treatments such as topical and drugs. Many people try topical methods at home that work but not for long terms. Similarly, there are certain medications, lotions and tablets are prescribed to treat the toenail fungus or related infections which work in the best way yet they don’t fight the root cause of the development. There are certain nail polishes, nail creams and oral antifungal treating items which are recommended for toenail fungus treatment. But, besides all these factors, the best way to get rid of toenail fungus is to identify its root cause and cut it from the deepest level so that it doesn’t find any way back. Research finds only one way to follow this objective; changed and balanced diet.

Yeast and bacteria are produced in the body and they help the body in functioning in many different ways but the strong immune system keeps these bacteria and yeast (candida) under control. But when immune system loses its strength, candida virus finds its way to gut and keeps developing until it showcases its presence with external exposure such as through developing fungus over nails. So, the best way to fight this fungus is to fight its production which is boosted by sugar and conventional grain products.

There are alterations in routine diet that can be sued as toenail fungus treatment:

  • Avoiding sugar and grain foods as much as possible to stop yeast’s production
  • Adding those foods to diet which encourage the production of good bacteria in stomach
  • Adopting diet which is protein and fiber enriched

Avoiding Sugar

The very first step is to stop the food to the yeast and bad bacteria developing in our body by cutting down the sugar intake and by lowering the use of conventional grain foods.

Candida is usually triggered by sugar and grain intake, use of antibiotics, stress-related hormonal variations, weak immune system and poor digestion all of which produce an acidic environment that triggers the growth of candida virus. This is why we are focusing on coupling the medications that treat the symptoms with diet variations that are focused on fighting the cause.

Production of Good Bacteria

Once we are done with stopping the production of bad bacteria, we are shifting our attention to the production of good bacteria. Here you must eat the foods that trigger the production of good bacteria in the stomach and these foods involve fermented vegetables such as kimchee and other fermented food products such as yoghurt that will help you improve your immune system as well as to speed up the healing process involved in toenail fungus treatment.

Increase Fiber and Protein Intake

As fibers are unabsorbable and they pass through the stomach without getting absorbed by its enzymes and acids, it takes all the toxins, extra fats and cholesterol and wastes with it. This process cleans up the stomach and provides a better place for the growth of good bacteria. Therefore, adding a lot of fibre in your diet helps you clean up your digestive tract that in turn treats the deep down cause of toenail fungus. Similarly, protein enriched food is also important at this stage because you’re cutting out the sugar and grain foods. Try to choose raw meat, unpasteurized dairy products and wild fishes to catch the raw bunch of natural proteins.

Other Tips

Try to stay clean. Wear clean clothes and sleep in the clean place. Keep your environment tidy to treat toenail fungus. Keep your feet safe from sweating and if they sweat a lot, seek help from antiperspirant or antifungal powder. Keep your nails short, clean and properly cut them on regular basis. Don’t shy from walking barefoot in clean places and where shoes those allow handsome ventilation.

Stay healthy!


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