Motherhood is the most beautiful feeling on earth. When a new born becomes an integral part of your life then you realize that the life that you were spending without this angel, it was worthless. Even when a mom holds a tiny hand of her new born, she feels that nothing is stronger in life than baby mother relationship. But it is a matter of fact that being a new mom is an uphill task. Generally new moms are not ready for the upcoming sleepless, messy nights and they face many challenges. Now we will look at the ten common challenges that most of the moms suffer, when they are welcomed to motherhood.

  1. Breast feeding:

This is the most challenging task for a new mom. It is not easy for mothers to breast feed their child in a right way initially. Sometimes they feel pressure to nurse their child in a right way and they start to feel frustrated at this level.

  1. Lack of time:

Mother Hood is a 24/7 job. Come on moms you have to forget about any time for yourself after motherhood. Many of us even find it difficult to go to bathroom for some minutes without any interruption.

  1. Deprivation of sleep:

Deprivation of sleep is a common issue. This is because the new born has no routine of sleeping. They have their own timings. Motherhood brings deprivation of sleep in most of the cases. Mothers are generally not ready for this situation and they start to lose their wits. Sometimes they feel depression that is not good.

  1. Constant crying:

Some babies are very noisy. They used to cry all the day and night. New moms find it hard to tolerate the constant crying of their new born. Babies can cry due to many reasons like when they are hungry, tired, having a colic problem or the wet bottom etc. Constant crying makes the mothers irritated and they find it hard to show patience towards this attitude of children.

  1. Difficulty in career adjustment:

Working moms feel a great difficulty in pursuing their career after giving birth to a child. It becomes hard for them to leave their new born in the custody of baby sitters at such early stage. They have to make career adjustments that are quite difficult for them.

  1. Changing diapers:

  Changing diaper is a new experience for mothers. They have no idea how to tackle the situation instantly when the diaper is full or leak. They also find it hard to change a smelly diaper but with the passage of time they become use to of it.

  1. Resolving the first problems of baby:

  It is a very tough situation for a newly mom to tackle the first problems of her baby like their first ear infection, eye infection, fever, colic problems etc. Babies cannot tell to their mothers, they can just cry. Many moms remain unable to find the actual reason of crying of their babies and they feel frustrated over it.

  1. Too much advice:

 New moms have to hear the advice of everyone patiently. People share their own experiences that are not easy to listen every time.

  1. Relationship difficulties:

The life of a woman changes drastically after becoming a mom as compare to her partner. They need to give utmost attention to her baby and this thing leads toward the different relationship difficulties.

  • Clashing parenting styles:

Clashing parenting style is another great challenge for newly moms. You may think different from your partner about nursing your child. This thing may lead towards some fights.


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