Celebrities are the social gods to some people who blindly like to follow them in each and every moment and aspect of life. For that crazy chasing, their lifestyle or dress code may be fine but when it comes to diet, it may not work for you as it works for a celebrity. Obviously, it can be hard to ignore celebs diet plans and their daily routine life on tv shows but believe it or not, this is just for entertainment. Yes, some plans intrigue curiosity, a desire to know what stars like Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan, Emma Watson actually eat and drink daily to keep their bodies charming. But you people need to know what is it like eating like a celebrity.

Eating like a celebrityA nutritionist who has done a lot with the diet of celebs suggests not to copy exactly what they are eating and consuming because it would not work for you in the same way. he continues to elaborate the reasons why so:

By following your beloved star and eating like a celebrity you can sometimes achieve a desired goal of fitness but meanwhile, you have put many other things at risk unintentionally. The way they maintain their fitness and the number of calories they consume daily is overwhelmingly different and you might never desire depending on such lifestyle for a great living. In addition to it, your diet plan must be according to your own age, weight, physical activity level and your lifestyle. Some people take a certain number of calories in single meal what a celebrity may not take in a whole day, thus it can be risky for everyone to follow others without weighing personal differences and preferences. And of course, it would involve risks of food sensitivities or even compromises to your overall wellbeing.

Eating like a celebrity

Furthermore, it would not be about copying a diet plan just to reform body shape long and lean and it does not mean at all the celebs take the optimal diet. People vary in their personal experiences. Some celebrities are extra restrictive in taking calories and their daily intake meal which is not healthy for an active woman. They do so because of their limitations in showbiz and you cannot do just to show some love for them. They have to maintain their bodies according to the demands of designers and their project dealers that can vary from brand to brand. While you’re not going to walk the ramp!

Publicity Is Deceptive, Sometimes

Eating like a celebrityThere is always an element of deception in the branding and marketing strategies of celebrities. They might have been following a very strict diet plan but this is not necessary that they are actually eating what they are telling others. Their plans do not base on daily routine but spanning over weeks to get ready for an assigned role for what they are preparing and they do not follow the same plan for whole life. Some of them do the workout for hours to reduce and maintain their weight for what a normal man may not find time and instructor so it would be waste of time. Apart from diet and exercise, there can be many other factors like training, gene structure and cosmetic treatment. Not all of them are natural as many of them claim. They cannot be matched in normal circumstances unless you are a celebrity by yourself. It is often said eating patterns of great celebs won’t make your celebrity. So you can satisfy your curiosity by reading their diet plans but better not to adopt them.

All the above said precautions seem pessimistic approach towards getting charming body but optimistically speaking, copying is not a way to look charming at least. Yes, there are some general deals what every charmer makes in their diet, you can follow them and make you look like best as you can.

Focus on Whole, Fresh and Healthy Food

Eating like a celebrityBesides quite a number of nutrients, the whole diet boosts your metabolism that in turn initiates better body functioning and makes your belly fill quickly. You may take less yet frequent meals but that’s the magic in there because it boosts the stomach functioning and makes digestion smooth. However, its always better to try to intake fresh and healthy food even when you’re not planning a diet schedule.

Personalize Your Plan

Eating like a celebrityIn order to personalize your own diet plan, just observe reactions of your body when you eat like how often it responds and how much this is reactive. In this way, you would be able to carve out what your body needs and suits best. For instance, you may feel easy with some organic eggs rather than being totally vegan or you might feel better with dairy products. Give a try to less but frequent meal and make the balance among all. No one can know your body better than you. So, don’t follow celebrity diet plans blindly. Go for what suits you.

Tune into Hunger, Fullness and Energy Cues

Eating like a celebrityKeeping principles of nutrition in view, you better feel the moderate level of hunger and the moderate level of full satisfaction and this balance would energize you during the intervals. This is what exactly celebrities do. They find best balance and combination of diet with the help of nutrition and lives live.

Stay healthy!


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